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Talk to parents.

If you think PBJ Pickup could be a good option for your organization, we recommend you start by talking to parents. Check out our blog to learn how to survey parents’ interest in PBJ.


Sign up.

We're happy to hear parents liked the idea of PBJ Pickup! Next, create your account. You'll need a credit card and the name and email for an account administrator. Your administrator will do the initial account setup and data entry.


Set up your account.

The first time the account administrator logs into PBJ Pickup, our system walks them through how to add users and students. We recommend using our spreadsheet templates. Once the template is filled out, upload it into the system.


Emails sent automatically.

With your organization’s data in the system, emails explaining how they can set up their individual accounts will go out to the teachers and parents you added.


Good to go.

Finally, parents enter the pickup authorizations and you are good to go. Start scanning their apps, running reports and helping parents feel more comfortable knowing their kids are safe.

PBJ Pickup offers a touchless, secure and affordable app-based solution for childcare centers, preschools and summer camps to track child pickups and authorizations. With PBJ Pickup you can increase the safety and parental confidence in your pickup practices by making sure kids are picked up by the right person, every time.

How is PBJ Different?

PBJ does one thing and it does it well: ensure the person trying to pick up a child is authorized to do so. The PBJ app allows parents to control those authorizations and track pickups. Schools and centers simply scan the barcode generated by the PBJ app, and the system tells you which child they’re authorized to pick up. 


How Much Does It Cost?

For $1,000/year an organization that operates at a single location has unlimited access to all of PBJ Pickup’s features. For organizations with multiple sites, the cost is $500/year/site.


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