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Who We Are

Simple. Painless. They go together.

As a mom, I loved the nursery school where my kids went. At the beginning of each year I'd fill out a long form with the names and information of who could pick up my kids but it felt like no one ever looked at it again. I get it, teachers can't look through stacks of forms and check IDs with a line of 40 people waiting.

I was working for a technology company and I knew there had to be a better way. After a couple of years of mulling it over, I took the leap and started PBJ Pickup with my husband who's a software developer. 

The goal of PBJ Pickup is to provide a way for centers and schools to track and notify parents of their child's pickup without increasing the administrative workload of the staff. This product is about three things: 

  • Increase safety and information tracking

  • Increase parental confidence

  • Minimize staff's administrative workload

You and your staff should do what you do best, support kids and their healthy development. Let a service like PBJ Pickup manage authorizations and pickup tracking.

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