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10 Tips for Getting Started

I understand the hardest part of rolling out a new system is just getting started - that first day, first try, first login. Below are ten tips to make it easier and help you feel confident on day one.

1. Email the parents ahead of time.

Before rolling out a new program, I recommend to all our customers that they email parents first. Let them know what to expect and why they should be excited for our app.

2. Share our training materials.

Visit our training materials webpage for video tutorials and brief how-to docs for you, parents and your staff.

3. Pilot in one classroom.

Lots of organizations do a soft rollout, starting in only one classroom for a couple weeks. Once they understand how it works and feel ready, expanding to a whole site is easy.

4. Overlap systems.

Don't feel like you have to abandon what you've been doing and fully switch to something new all in one day. It's okay to take a week and overlap systems. It feels like extra work but can be worth it for peace of mind.

5. Reach out to us.

You can always reach out if you have questions or concerns. Email or call us at 585.440.5848.

6. Browse the system.

Login and click around. Spending a few minutes getting more familiar with how everything works will go a long way.

7. Empower your staff.

If you have a staff member who is excited about something new or who really likes technology, let them take the lead.

8. Remember the excitement.

Remind yourself why you signed up, what features you're looking forward to having access to, the reasons you wanted this system for your organization. As they say, keep your eye on the prize.

9. Check your phone.

PBJ Pickup is an app, it's designed to be quick and easy to use. Browse the apps on your phone and remind yourself of all the new apps you've tried and figured out on your own. PBJ is no different.

10. Be confident.

It's okay to be nervous, it's okay to be concerned, but you can also feel confident. Rolling out something new won't be without its bumps but I know you'll figure it out.

I hope a few of these are helpful. Personally, I'm partial to the last piece of advice, be confident. Do you believe you can do this? I do.


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