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Out of Office

When you own your own business, it's hard to ever really be on vacation. Email still gets checked, the occasional phone call still needs to happen.

We're small but mighty.

PBJ Pickup is a two-person show - myself, Teale, a marketing specialist and my husband, Greg, who is a web developer. We have a lot support in the forms of advisors, mentors, friends and family but the work is really done by the two of us. We started this company together and are very proud of it.

How does that even work?

One of the best things about owning a web-based app company is that many facets can 'run themselves'. We monitor the product constantly, connect with customers and work on sales and marketing materials (like blog posts). But, the day to day use and maintenance don't heavily involve us. I'm excited to say that we don't get many customer support inquiries, people tend to find PBJ easy to use.

In many ways, I wouldn't change a thing about owning this business, except when I'm trying to unplug...


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