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Healthcare & PBJ

There isn't heavy use of PBJ Pickup in the healthcare industry but we do have a few examples of how our product can support our heroes in healthcare.

How could healthcare use PBJ?

Any outpatient program can utilize PBJ Pickup to keep track of when patients are leaving the facility. While our product can track who picked someone up, it's also possible for someone to check themselves out. It's all recorded and easily audited. The simple reporting makes quick work of letting funders and administrators know how a program is being utilized.

Is PBJ Pickup HIPPA compliant?

Our security practices comply with industry standards but we don't certify ourselves as HIPPA compliant. Our system stores the bare minimum of data in order to protect users. We don't recommend using PBJ Pickup as a main data solution for a healthcare organization, we're best as a supplemental program.

Do you work in the healthcare industry? Would you be interested in seeing if PBJ could work well for you? Let us know!


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