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Do You Use How To's?

I'm always curious about people's opinions on support documentation - how to docs, training videos, Q&As, etc. We make a strong effort to create helpful support materials but, if our users are anything like me, they never access them.

First question, do you use them?

My hunch is that most users expect a program / app to be intuitive, ie, they can figure out how to use it on their own, without any support. We provide docs and videos but when users struggle I'm not sure they seek answers from support docs. This doesn't mean we shouldn't supply them, it just means we need to focus our efforts on making PBJ as easy to use as possible.

Second question, preferred format?

For those who do use support docs, what's your preferred type? There are pdf step by step docs, training videos, chat support, etc. If I look at how-to docs, I always just want a simple pdf - no videos - sometimes I'll use chat support if I have a quick question or I'll email if I'm curious about something but don't need an immediate response. From previous customer interactions though, I learned most people prefer a video which is why we offer both.

The materials are available but I know people don't want to use them, even expect they shouldn't have to. What's your feeling on the topic?


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