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Back to School 2021

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

What a year 2021 has been, right? With each day we get closer to school starting up and we ask the question we've asked a thousand times this year, is it safe?

School bus in front of trees and blue sky

What is going on these days?

This has been a crazy time. I never thought I'd be quarantined with my kindergartener and preschooler, trying to teach one how to read, keep up a nap schedule for the other (that failed miserably) and assertively hushing them during work calls. But, that's what happened.

What happens next?

My kids now know how to put on a mask, they can identify the smell of hand sanitizer in a heartbeat and my husband and I answer a lot of questions about 'viruses'. As of now, their schools are reopening for in-person classes so we won't have to juggle working from home, parenting, and teaching. I'm also more motivated than ever to see PBJ Pickup succeed.

This year feels like a time when we're all rethinking things we've always taken for granted, a way of life that once seemed safe but no longer is. There's a feeling that the world may be different forever but I prefer to think that we're just learning how to stay safe in these unique times. We'll take those lessons into the future, keep the ones that make sense even without a pandemic, and be more confident that we know what to do if it happens again.

PBJ Pickup can be a part of that. We've learned if we don't have to share our germs by touching the same objects as everyone else then we shouldn't. Touchless is better. We've learned that just because something 'has never happened before' and isn't a known threat, doesn't mean it can't happen. We should be smart about ways we can add safety and security into our lives without much disruption. This is exactly what PBJ Pickup was designed to be, an easy solution to make sure kids are picked up by authorized adults and keep a record of those pickups. The touchless approach is a bonus!

Do you remember when back to school time was exciting and nerve-wracking but not dangerous? Let's work together to find that safe feeling again.


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