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Do Emails Work?

As a tech company, we send a lot of emails. We email customers, partners, users, potential customers, etc. I often wonder how they're received.

Do the emails get read?

I am someone who keeps their email inbox very neat and I do that by deleting most everything I receive. So, I often wonder how many people out there are like me and just delete the emails PBJ is sending out without a second thought. Not that I judge it, but it makes me wonder...

Why do I keep sending them?

Ultimately, promotional emails are still the best way to get news out there. We can share developments and notifications with users via email. We share news about our product and its benefits with potential customers. It's a simple, effective way for us to grow and, for those who don't care, they can just delete the email.

So, what's the quick consensus? Are emails not that much of a bother, or are they super annoying and we should stop sending them? I'd love your two cents on the topic.


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