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I'm not going to be one of those company founders who compares growing a business to raising a child. However, I do find it interesting to think about how the two areas compare in development.

Kids and companies - how are they alike?

Both take a lot of work and attention at the beginning, and it's all about setting them on a path for success. As PBJ Pickup grows, I focus on what's important, company values. I try to be flexible, instead of having a strict vision for how the future should look. I do the same with my kids, give them space to develop in a way that feels right for them but with boundaries, keeping an eye that they're on a good path.

What's different?

The stakes are different. A company that fails is a disappointment and stressful. A child who fails is heart breaking, devastating. The difference in stakes is what makes it critical that as a parent I have priorities. It's a privilege I have and I appreciate it every day.

My children are my number one, the rest of my family a close second, and my work comes in third. I'm content with that order - it makes me a great parent and a focused business owner.

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