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Change is hard, it's an uphill climb any tech company faces - getting people interested in making a change. As much as people want to talk about "innovation", it's just a fancy word for change and the world isn't always ready for that.

Isn't that a little mean?

A former boss of mine loved to share this cartoon. She found it a good way to put our frustration into words, and maybe get people to realize it can be worth trying something new. It could make your life easier if you just give it a try. Taking a chance and trying out something different, something new, can pay off.

Aren't tech changes risky?

Switching up square wheels for round ones isn't a perfect analogy to changing systems, for sure. Record keeping and tracking approvals is a critical process for child-serving orgs and you can't risk mistakes. PBJ Pickup is sound, secure and easy to use - it really is that simple if you just give it a try.

I tell new customers to give it one week, and start out with one room. The transition to your whole organization, once you just take that first step, is smooth-sailing after that. Are you ready to change it up?


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