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Instantly Updated

The idea for PBJ Pickup came to me when I was balancing working and having a family and the only way I could do it was with support. I wanted to let people help, and still know my little ones were safe.

How are kids safer with PBJ?

Our app makes sure only an approved adult picks a child up from your care. Parents can add and remove people instantly so you're always accessing the most up to date information. No more phone messages or texts about changes to pick up schedules. Parents maintain the list and get notified when their child is picked up by another adult. Just another way to keep track of where the little ones are and who they're with.

How does the flexibility help parents?

Life often seems to get in the way - the best laid plans always go awry - Murphy's Law - etc. So many cliches to quote and they all answer the question of why flexibility is a good thing. Keeping track of schedules is hard enough, making it easy to grant permission, or take it away, becomes one less thing to stress about. Do it in minutes, from your phone, on the go.

In the end, before my kids were in school, I needed a lot of help from friends and family. Even when I wasn't working outside the home I needed my village. PBJ makes it easier.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels


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