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Is PBJ the Solution?

If you're considering whether or not to start using PBJ, here are two good ones - partnership and support.

Do you need partnership?

A lot of companies say it, but we work really hard to treat our users like partners. We learn a lot from them and value the service we're able to provide. Being partners means both sides benefit and I feel confident that's the case for our company and our users.

Do you need support?

Support isn't just being available by phone or email to our customers, it's listening to what they need from a product and doing our best to deliver. We track bugs, ask for feedback, watch what's being utilized, all in an effort to make the most useful product. Hopefully, we make the product so good, you won't ever have to ask for help.

Working with a lot of small organizations, we approach our business with two core values - partnership and support. We can all use a good partner and more support, am I right?


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