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"Joys" of Technology

Even though I own a tech company, I recognize that technology can come with as many headaches as it does helping hands. Below are the top five tech gifs I've seen lately.

Following directions.

We try hard to write simple, clear how to documents and videos but sometimes we miss the mark.

The urge to give up.

I find I have these moments when I'm working in Microsoft programs like Excel or Word. They do a lot but sometimes the simplest task, like lining up a margin, is impossible.

Life through my kids eyes.

Every parent must have these moments, thinking how life has changed from when we were young until now. The conveniences of technology that they're so used to having.

The password struggle is real.

It seems like every month I'm being asked to create new passwords with crazier requirements.

The work-from-home mom life.

My kids are both school age so my weekdays don't look like this anymore, but I remember these days all too well.

Share your favorite gifs with us! Every day needs a good laugh in it.


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