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For #TipTuesday we thought we'd share a bit about our messaging system and some planned expansions of it. Want to know more??

How's it used now?

Currently, you can use PBJ Pickup to send bulk messages to users. The best examples are when the school closes for bad weather, reminders of school-wide events, etc. It's really easy to use, just click the messaging arrow from the desktop screen, type our a message and hit send. The message will go to all the main contacts in the system.

What are the plans for the future?

We'd like to expand the messaging system to have a couple more basic features, nothing too complicated. We're adding a way for teachers to message parents and vise-versa. We're also considering adding a way for parents to connect with each other, with controls for whether they want to share their information, or not - for privacy purposes.

Have you ever tried out the bulk message feature? Are you interested in piloting our new message system? Let us know!


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