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Missions and Visions

How important, as a new business, is it to have a mission and a vision statement? I can't decide and I'm curious what you all think.

What's the purpose of a mission and a vision?

I've always understood the purpose of these statements to be guides for decision-making in an organization. When deciding on new projects, features, staffing, etc. organizations can ask themselves which course best helps them achieve their mission and vision.

But do they?

I can be a bit cynical, I'll admit it. Sometimes I think a mission and a vision statement are formalities for organizations. Marketing tools they use to align themselves with their customers but not necessarily used internally by leadership to make decisions.

I'm not trying to slander any organization with a mission and a vision, I'm just asking how important is it? If I put together a simple mission or vision that said 'make our customers happy and be successful' would that be okay? Ultimately, that's what guides my decisions for PBJ Pickup - I want my customers to be happy and I want the business to be successful. All the other benefits of PBJ (safe pickup practices, accountability, efficiency, etc.) those are really in the hands of my customers and how they use the product. I wouldn't want to take credit for all the work these professionals do to create positive learning environments for children. I'll continue to ponder this.

What do you think, should I put together a mission and vision for PBJ Pickup?

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