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My Favorite Feature

Notifications are the simplest feature but often make the biggest difference. We say PBJ Pickup gives parents confidence and a quick notification of who picked up their child and what time as soon as it happens goes a long way.

What are the notifications?

In our app, users can choose to turn on / off three different notifications - when a student is picked up, when a class ends, and school news. Notifications come in the form of a text message. When a student is picked up, the parent can be notified with a quick text, when their child's class ends and news from the school such as school closures or events.

Why is it the best?

When I was working and my kids were in preschool, my mom did all their pickups. Each time she would text me, or I would call her to check in. I trusted her but it was always nice to have confirmation that my kids were picked up safely. Getting a quick message, sent automatically when my kids were picked up would have been awesome.

This is what technology should do, solve small problems so we can put our attention elsewhere. Quick texts for peace of mind are a great example, right?


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