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Parental Confidence

My friends who are teachers are often now sure what to expect when it comes to parents. We all want the best our children so how do we focus on creating partnership between parents and teachers, not opposition?

Are we on the same team?

My son's pre-k teacher once wrote to me, "We're all Team Sidney". It meant so much to me. I knew my son was being supported, his best interests being looked out for. I was confident he was in good hands. Even if he was struggling, we were on the same team, working together to help him succeed.

How can you increase confidence?

When I developed PBJ Pickup, the first thing I thought it could do was help increase parent's confidence that their kids are being well cared for. It seems like a small thing, an app to track pickup, but it shows parents you're open to new ways and always looking to improve. It also means you can focus your attention in the children, not paperwork, without sacrificing on safety.

Give it a try and you won't be disappointed. Parents will appreciate the added security, they'll be confident you're keeping their kids as safe as possible.


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