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PBJ Reports

Curious what you can learn about your organization from using PBJ? Here's a quick overview of the five reports we make available - you read that right, just five is all that you need.

Attendance Averages

See average daily attendance for each classroom and your organization as a whole in one-click.

Classroom Summary

Drill down by classroom to see each student's ADA and contact information for everyone enrolled in the class. Export this list to have a detailed roster for each classroom. You can also select 'ALL' classrooms and export a full, de-duplicated roster for your organization.

Individual Attendance

A detailed attendance history for each child in your care, this report is also available to parents through their app.

Account Details

This report allows you to manage your staff's user accounts. Keep track of who has access, update information, change settings, delete users, etc.

Late Pickup

Help make sure parents are on-time and when they're not, have a record of the days and times their child was picked up late to help an awkward conversation feel less uncomfortable. You can filter by classroom and date to find the information you need quickly.

Our motto at PBJ is to do one thing, and do it well. We don't have a list of twenty reports for you to sort through, just the five we thought would be most helpful. Did we miss anything?


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