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Pieced Together Childcare

The best metaphor for my approach to childcare is a puzzle. It's always felt like we're fitting pieces together to make it work out, the best we can.

Puzzle pieces in a messy pile.

What do I mean?

I'm really lucky that I live close to my parents and my in-laws. They're also all retired and available to help with my kids during the day while my husband and I work. It's amazing. It's also a scheduling nightmare sometimes. When our schedules shift, when theirs change, when the kids have appointments or breaks, etc. The reality is, there's something every week and forces us to deviate from 'the schedule'.

How does this relate to pickup?

Some families may have a consistent routine and always have the same person picking up their child. That's not our experience. We make an effort every morning to talk to our kids about that day's plan, but it's also an area where they've had to learn about being flexible. Sometimes plans change!

The idea for PBJ Pickup came about because we have so much family who are local, help with the kids and pickup them up from school. I like the idea of getting a notification when the pickup is complete. I like that I can control who is and is not authorized. I like that the kids’ teachers don't need to try and keep track of our varied schedule. They just scan the person's app and as long it says they're approved to pickup one of my children, the teacher can trust letting them leave together.

Am I alone in feeling like our childcare is pieced together, or do you know families who can relate?

Photo by Sharon Snider from Pexels


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