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Small Business Saturday

'Tis the season of shopping on after Black Friday comes Small Business Saturday. Did you know that not only is PBJ woman-owned, but we're also a small business?

Did you know, the majority of U.S. businesses have fewer than five employees?*

PBJ Pickup got its start as a mom with an idea. Like many businesses, we have a small team with big dreams. Many people make the decision to strike out on their own and while they stay small, it's still a very rewarding choice. This company will always prioritize helping providers and supporting the safety of children in their care, not profits or competition.

What keeps a business small?

Investing in our product is the priority for PBJ Pickup. We aim to keep the price to use our product as low as we can while still offering a high quality and useful tool. We also believe our customer are our best marketing tool so we invest in keeping in touch and listening to their feedback.

Supporting small businesses isn't just about buying gifts for the holiday season, it's a priority we can have all year long. Are you with me?

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels



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