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Spring Break

Last week was spring break for my kids, but instead of having fun and visiting family we spent the whole week being sick.

Is this the result of 18 months of quarantine?

When my daughter started preschool in September, she hadn't been in a group setting for a year and a half. During that time our family never got sick, even with my older son being at school two days/week. Once cold and flu season started this year, however, it's been non-stop, one illness after the other tearing through our house.

Will next year be the same?

My fingers are crossed that my kids attendance records will be much improved next year. It feels like they can't make it through a full week lately. Hopefully these kids will have all the antibodies they need for next year to go more smoothly. It'll be interesting to compare attendance records over the years after this crazy time.

My kids teachers say attendance has been rough this year because of so many illnesses going around and quarantine rules. Is this true for your organization, too?


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