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Summer is Coming

Summer time means many things - school is out, sun is out, beaches and... camp! Did you know summer camps use PBJ, too?

How do camps get started?

Camps get started the same way as other customers, just sign up. Usually they list each site as its own classroom. For kids who walk home after camp, parents set them up to be able to sign themselves out (provided the kids have their own phone, and who doesn't these days...). The camp counselors can also manually sign out kids who walk home.

What do they say?

With all the kids who walk to summer camp, it's helpful for parents to get a message when their kids are heading home. We also offer a discount for camps who only operate during the summer. Like most customers getting started, we've heard that after the first day it's smooth sailing.

Summer camps have loads in common with any other program that kids enroll in. Most importantly, parents entrust their kids to your care and making sure pickup goes the way it's supposed to is critical.

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Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini)

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