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Systems Change and Childcare

I recently spoke with a group of childcare providers and they said, "grants are not enough, we need fundamental change now or we won't survive." What would a new system look like?

What are the problems with the current system?

Families can't afford to pay more for childcare, but providers desperately need more funds to pay their staff fair wages and cover always rising costs. The government offers grants for but those stop-gaps don't address the underlying issues. Permanent subsidies to offset rising costs and reimbursements to families so they can afford childcare is the best next steps.

How is this relevant to PBJ?

I don't want our customers to have to pinch pennies to pay for our services. I want providers to have the funds they need to make the best choices and purchase the necessary resources to provide top quality care to children. I think PBJ Pickup is one of those resources but I don't want it to come at the expense of other necessary resources.

I don't suppose to have all the answers but I do take note when I hear the same things time and again. The childcare system is broken, what is needed to repair it?

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