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Touchless vs Paperless

These two words are often used interchangeably but they don't have the same meaning. If you're curious about the difference, keep reading.

Why does it matter?

While touchless is also paperless, paperless doesn't always mean touchless. One isn't necessarily better than the other but I thought I'd take a couple minutes and write out what I understand to be the difference. With this information you'll able to make a choice about what's the best option for your organization.

What's the difference?

The simple answer is that paperless means without paper, while touchless mean you don't touch anything. However, there are approaches to recording data that don't use paper but do require you to touch devices, etc. A lot of existing data systems used to track sign-in and sign-out from schools and centers are paperless but not touchless. Parents are all often touching the same scanning devices and data entry screens. Because PBJ Pickup works using a person's own device, there's no need for them to touch anything else.

As we're learning with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it's important for us to all keep track of what we're touching and how we're potentially exposing ourselves to germs. PBJ Pickup takes the benefit of paperless recording (i.e., the value of using a data system and not relying on sheets of paper which aren't secure) and it goes one step further by also making the process touchless. Let parents and grandparents use their own devices and help everyone stay a little safer.

If you can make the process not just paperless but also touchless, why wouldn't you?

Photo by Lukas from Pexels


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