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What Happens Next?

It's been a scary two years full of uncertainty and changing requirements. As vaccinations get approved for more age groups, the light at the end of the tunnel is coming into view. What happens next when the pandemic is "over"?

What lessons have we learned?

There are lots of take aways from the last two years, positive and negative. My family and I are taking away the importance to keeping our germs to ourselves. Even after the Covid threat passes, wearing masks when we're sick so we don't spread germs, working from home, washing our hands and using sanitizer more often. These are all things we can continue to do to keep ourselves and others healthy.

What about schools and daycares?

We've always known schools and daycares are germ dens - colds and stomach bugs spread like crazy. Let's remember how adaptable we were during these challenging times and what was always the priority - supporting children, their learning and their health. Whether it's physical health or social-emotional it always was and will continue to be the touchstone.

Being more aware of how we spread germs and how to protect ourselves is a good thing. Did you know, being paperless and using an app like PBJ Pickup also reduces the spread of germs? It all helps.

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels


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