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What Makes For A Good Teacher?

Is that title a bit of clickbait? Sure. Because there isn't really one answer to that question.

Teacher and young boy color together.

Is Being Tech-savvy Necessary?

I know the amazing teachers that my kids have had, the ones I had growing up who I adored, all share the qualities of being caring, supportive and all about the kids. You know what isn't on the list of their amazing qualities? Good with technology. Which isn't to say they were bad with it, but it's not an essential quality of being a good educator.

PBJ Pickup To The Rescue

When I came up with the idea for PBJ Pickup, I really wanted to develop a solution to the problem of tracking pickups that didn't add a lot of administrative work to teachers. Using PBJ, the work of maintaining the data of who is authorized to pickup a child is on the parents. Staff upload their roster at the beginning of the year and then all they need to do is add/remove kids as they enroll/de-enroll and then scan the adults' phones when they pickup their kids. Simple and easy.

What do you think? Did PBJ do what it set out to?

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash


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