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For The Directors

PBJ Pickup was designed to be primarily used by parents and teachers, but its the directors who often are making the choice whether to buy our service. This blog post is for you folks.

What's the main benefit of PBJ?

When it comes to Directors, the main benefit of PBJ is peace of mind. A mistake happening around a child's pickup is a nightmare scenario. Using a system like PBJ, which confirms every child is picked up by an approved adult every time, offers peace of mind.

What do the Directors say?

Our testimonials from Directors tend to focus around getting started and reporting. Introducing a new process is hard on the nerves but we hear often that it only takes a day or two to get used to PBJ. We offer a lot of support and materials to help organizations, like sample emails to let parents know what's coming and why. The reports are simple and easy to use but contain all the critical information needed for Directors.

We strive for PBJ to be a decision you make once and then never think about again because it's inexpensive and makes life easier. Give it a try!


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